About us

About us

Our humble beginnings started in 2008. We were taught commercial cultivating and extracting on our uncle’s farm in Colorado. Back then, extractions were still in their infancy. Denver was just starting to push BHO. During that time, we traveled to California & Washington in search of new ways to process. Collectively though the help of experienced chemists we learned the finer points producing high quality oils and emulsions. Colorado was medical, on path to turning into the first recreational state. The demand for newer products was growing fast. In 2012 we started to invent new products as novelties for the medical marijuana industry. 2 years later we developed cannabis coffee. Today we produce our products under various private labels and some of our products are mainstream in 3 states.

Personalized Approach

Our philosophy is simple. We do not want to be in every retail outlet, and rather create mutually beneficial relationships through joint marketing and promotions. Creating a draw to your store with unique high-quality products is our goal.

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The guys at Grasshopper are very creative and knowable. They are great with coming up with new products to infuse and they always have my order delivered on time. They’re a terrific company to partner with.


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